What we did in 2003

by Dan Ciarlette

(Edited and generally nitpicked by Diane)

2/9/2003 - Diane and I took a ride through Smokey Mountain National Park and explored Gatlinburg.  We got to see the river running at a pretty good height and the ice formations on the cliffs.  Winter in the Smokies is one the times of the year that people miss the beauty of the park.  That's good, because it's not crowded.  We did a little rock climbing around the river to try and take some pictures.  Diane's getting to be climber.  Diane got a shot of me taking a break.

4/26/2003 - IT Group Picnic.  Today we had our IT group picnic.  Karen Nolan made the arrangements and we all had a great time.  The guys did the cooking (we won't mention who got all the food).  There was a pretty stream near our picnic area.  We went hiking and came upon a small waterfall.  At the end of the trail we found another waterfall and played in the water a bit.  It was a fun time.

5/3/2003 - Garage sale day! - today we had garage sale.  We couldn't get the stuff setup at 7:00am before people were stopping by.  We got rid of a bunch of stuff.

5/15/2003 - Today we had some really bad storms here.  The track of the storm that had tornado touchdowns went right over our house.  I was in a shelter at work and Diane was in the basement at home.  She said the branches were hitting the house and windows.  After the storm we had a mess in the yard.  The driveway was covered with stuff and the back yard was covered as well.  Both the "in" and 'out" parts of the entryway had trees that covered the road.  They got cut enough to allow people in and out.  All of the outhouses in the neighborhood got blown over.  People had siding blown off, fascia mangled, and shutters blown off.  A bunch of big trees got blown over and a lot of trees got snapped off 10-15 feet in the air.  Luckily, it looks like we didn't suffer and damage to the house or trees except for a lot of debris all over the place   Ironically, we had our gutters cleaned out yesterday.

6/12/2003 - The house is in bloom with flowers and all of the plants are growing.  The front, porch, cannas, and the back yard are all in bloom.

6/17/2003  -  We finally finished the dining room paint job.  It's RED!!!!  After 3 roller coats and 2 coats for trim it's done.  I never realized how much harder a really dark paint was to do.  It shows everything imperfection.  After it's done it looks pretty good.  I'm thinking it's a work of art.  I hope you agree.

7/13/2003 - I finished the Living Room cornice - finally.

10/25/2003 - It's FALL in 10aC!!! The leaves are falling and the trees are pretty.  Here's our back yard.

11/27/2003 - Thanksgiving.  Diane and I are busy cooking the turkey and enjoying they day off.  We've got a lot to be thankful for.

12/11/2003 - Found a good AtomFilm called White Trash Christmas - check it out.

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Dan and Diane Ciarlette