Balcony View

This is the view of Miami from our balcony on embarkation day


Here is a picture of Atlantis as we approach it from a boat.

Bahamas - Day 2

Just playing in Bahamas

Feb 20 - My Birthday

Diane had our cabinet decorated for my birthday!

My Birthday Cake

Atlantis Stingray

Day 4 Bed Animals

Day 4 - A shot of our ship

St. Thomas Panoramic

Here is a panoramic shot of St. Thomas from our balcony

Day 4 - Towel Dog

No cleaing up after this one.

Day 4 - Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay. It's beautiful and wonderful. The lady that handed out the gear is from Oak Ridge, TN!

Day 4 - Trunk Bay

This is a shot from the bus on the way to Trunk Bay.

Day 5 - San Christabol

Here's me standing in front of the sign.

Bombs away

Let me light the fuse so I can stay on the island

Diane at Church

She's probably praying that I don't embarass her on the boat doing a belly flop contest or something.

Time portal

Standing in the Fort looking through the stone door at the cruise ship is almost like looking through a time portal. I've never looked through a time portal but I bet it feels something like this.

Me with a hottie

San Juan panorama

Day 5 - Towel elephant

Day 6 - Our private island day

Hide-away beach

Day 6 - Hideaway Panorama

On Labadee

Day 6 - May of Labadee

Day 7 - Centrum on the ship

Day 7 - Top deck

Day 7 - another top deck shot

This one was taken from the Viking Crown Lounge.